Saturday, May 5, 2012

Report on Collaboration for Project # 15 and #16

Group Jaks collaborated on both projects using Skype, Google docs and texting. The majority of our collaboration for the project was done through Google docs. We met in person to put together our ideas. We used Youtube to add background music. I movie was used to finalize the projects. For our final project we wanted to be creative and show others how to change a boring class into a classroom filled with technology.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

guy snorts iphone

E-Media Fast 

This is a blog post about having to go 24 hours without using technology and it is impossible in this generation. Mostly everything we have is a development of technology. Most people think of there cell phones when they think of technology. Technology is more than that. Technology is television, cars, remote controls, bank cards, game systems, etc. So to say someone went 24 hours with technology means they laid in bed all day and walked to eat and having dollar bills to pay for food and do nothing else the rest of the day.

I will technology in my classroom. I will not have a choice. technology is evolving faster than we as people realize. I do not like that the school system is so late is adopting more technology in classrooms but it is coming along. When I become a teacher I will embrace the technological advances of the generation. I will always consider myself a man of the world and that wont stop because I am a teacher.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

Not all, but several schools in the United States do not encourage students to be creative or allow them to be curious. The reason being is because teachers tell students to do a project and they tell the students that the ideas are endless, but yet on the grading sheet there is a list of "dos and don'ts". I think teachers stick with the same boring routine of teaching because they are afraid of change and do not know other ways of teaching and using creativity. A curriculum can be developed to increase the curiosity and creativity of students. Students are born with curiosity of things and also with creativity. Teachers have to be up for a change. They have to be willing to have fun with the lessons and interact with the students. Teachers need to be reasonable and not set high expectations for their students They need to be willing to consider their students opinions. Teachers can ask questions with each lesson that require the students to think critically. I can be very creative when the opportunity calls for it. When I am give a task and there are no guidelines for how it is to be done then I can show or present things that you maybe has not been seen or thought of before. Being creative is something that keeps kids interested in learning. Its not just teaching them math but teaching them ways that make it fun at the same time and still learning at the same time.

Blog Post # 12

kids with robot

How will you teach me in the 21st

Watch this video posted from a student at Full Sail University where she he completing her Master's degree in Education Media and Design Technology. After watching the video, give a short summary of what you plan to use digital media and story-making  to further students education when you become a teacher.

Students learn in various different ways therefore, there needs to be several ways in helping students to learn the different subjects. There are many uses of technology in the classroom as well as in the world today. Digital media is a great tool to help students understand concepts better because they are able to visualize the subject. I will use digital media to go over lessons. The use of technology helps students learn from different perspectives. When using just the normal pen and paper, some children's creativity does not get expressed very well. But if you use the computer, the possibilities for the work to be created by the student is endless. In my classroom in the future, one major thing that I am going to use is the internet. Technology allows people to communicate and collaborate with others around the world. Technology allows people to communicate and collaborate with others around the world.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project #16

group jaks
Characters: Teacher, students, 1 super hero We are creating a movie about how students seem like the day is dragging on and on and they are bored with the "normal lectures" that teachers give. We all know that sitting in a classroom for 7 hours a day can seem like forever especially when all it is is lecture and note taking. Have the superhero come in and show how a normal lecture could be turned into a fun, interactive, and creative day for the students. We collaborated on this project by using the following tools: Google Docs: To gather ideas and plan the video Telephone/Texting: To plan meeting day to record video Email: To write up the movie script Flip Camera: Use to record the video iMovie: To finalize the movie and add music to the background Sara Cardwell Allison Cullars Katelyn Gill Jonathan Freeman

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post #11


Little Kids....Big Potential
 I think it is a great idea that these first graders have their own blogs. All comments left on a child's page needs to be positive. The comments the students get from other people really inspire their work. The children are learning various types of internet tools. The students  are able to share their ideas and gather more information from other people and sites on the internet. Mrs. Cassidy is helping  the students open their minds to new technologies and allowing them to explore their creative side.

The Skype Interview

 I really enjoyed Mrs. Cassidy’s Skype interview. She said that she had been blogging for ten years and decided to get the students involved. She talked about the wide range of audience that students are able to communicate with. She says that we are handicapping our students and ourselves if we do not take advantage of the technology tools that are available to us. She then talked about the different uses of Skype and how it allows the students to listen to lectures from different teachers or professors  around the world. Skype is a great part of technology that teachers can use in their classrooms to further their students education.  Education is taking a turn, like our world, into technology and teachers who refuse to learn how to use technology are doing more damage to the students by not using technology.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Post #10

comic strip

To Teach Or Educate

I believe that teachers are doing a small part of both teaching and educating in the classroom. I feel as if the kids look up to the teachers in a sense that they are teaching them the things that they will need. The major reason that I became a education major is because I want to make a difference in children's lives. I feel as if a teacher has a very large impact on the student and will make "changes" in their lives. Also, the definition of educate according to the video is illuminate, enlighten, inspire, and power. Those are some very strong words that describe educate. 

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home is a post about a School Curriculum Instructional Interventionist Academic Specialist who talks to Mr. Spencer about allowing his students to take pencils from the school to their home. I was confused when I started reading, because he and someone else were politely arguing over whether allowing students to take pencils home was a good thing or not. Of course, I finally understood that it was a metaphor for personal computers. Children who use pencils at home instead of pens have a lower score on the standardized tests that they have to take in school.  This is due to parents in low income families not having much contact with computers in any environment other than one meant for entertainment, so they view computers as entertainment.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Post #9

In this post he talks about all the changes he encountered in that school year such as, it being the first year that he taught at the same school two years in a row and the first year being a computer applications teacher. It was also his first time being a cross country coach.  He said that with so many changes, it was easy to learn and reflect, and in turn share this reflection with us.  

The first thing he discusses is “Know Who Your Boss Is”.  This year he learned that it is easy to get wrapped up with trying to please everyone. He said, he started to just be himself and not worry so much about the perception that others have of him. While he was being “consumed,” he realizes that he was neglecting his students’ needs for his full attention. He needed to remember the main reason  we got in this profession in the first place and  that was for the kids. 

A word of advice he gives is “Don’t Expect Others to be as Excited About Change as You Are”. We cannot allow others to stifle our excitement and joy that we experience in teaching or in life. Teachers that had the  fire and excitement for the teaching profession seem to somewhere lose the excitement along the way. He then tells us about how much of an optimist he is, even when it comes to things other teachers tend to not be interested in such as professional development sessions. 

He also says “Don’t Be Afraid to be an Outsider”. He learned that not falling in line with the rest of the crowd and being an outsider is not a bad thing. He did not eat his lunches with the other teachers in the lounge, because he ate with his students. By doing this, he made a better connection with his students. 

The final word of advice Mr. McClung gives us is “Don’t Get Comfortable.” says that comfort and security does  not motivate individuals. . He makes a good point that while teaching is a stable job and it’s easy to become comfortable. Teachers need to step out of there comfort zone to reach out and help students. The teaching profession needs individuals that are passionate and willing to exceed the demands of the regular teaching schedule. 

Mr. Joe McClung's first year as a teacher was spent in Noel, Missouri. His first year was spent trying to impress his superiors that he did not focus on the students like he should. He was controlling things way to much. He would beat himself up for lessons that did not go the way he planned. Over the year, he learned several different ways on how to improve his classroom and to help other teachers. He also learned that he should be flexible because what he plans on teaching and most important decision he made during the year was to stay positive. He also learned to get rid of his high expectations for the students. Teachers need to be reasonable with their students and not make to high of expectations for them.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

C4K march edition

The student I had for my C4K had a very shout blog post it was a story that expanded over many blog post but I must say it was very entertaining finding the next part to the story and reading.

C4T #3
The teacher I had was John Burke. He has truly come of age in the technology but is still amazed by it. In one post he had he seen a tweet of another teacher tweeting in china about a presentation he had to do and he taught about something call Geogrba and he was amazed that he seen a preview for a presentation fifteen minutes before he presented it half way around the world, from his own couch.

Then we all need some inspiration sometimes and he came about cross this article and it inspired him to look at his teaching and other things to make sure that he was doing things the right way.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog Post #8

Dr. Richard E. Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2

 Richard Miller is a man full of wonderful ideas. He brought some great points out in his videos. Dr. Richard Miller elaborated on the changes of how we write. He offers useful tips on how technology can be used in the classroom. He addresses how writing  in today's culture has changed. We have evolved from writing with paper and pencil to using word processors. Communication with someone on the other side of the world is now instantly possible.

We can search pretty much anything we want or need much faster by the use of the web at the tip of our fingers. We can write papers and such by finding and reading a number of books online. There are so many different resources we have by using the web. It is basically limitless and endless. It is also constantly growing and extremely interesting as well.

Carly Blog Post #12

Carly's blog post was interesting and amazing to read. She took a lot of time and interest in the assignment.  She shared her ideas with others  and of  where she gathered her information from. Carly Pugh posted a wonderful blog post about her own form of an EDM 310 assignment. Her assigment she too created herself was a playlist of youtube videos that basically define yourself as a teacher that you would like to be and then some. . I love the topics she decided to use in her playlist. I to believe teachers should have a philosophy and be able to show what they expect from their students. I enjoyed all the videos throughout the post.

Chipper Series and EDM 310 for dummies 

I enjoyed both of these videos. Indeed, they were  very inspirational.  Both videos were hilarious. I  have not had many of those frustrating times  that Chipper experienced. These videos display how people express the different opinions they have.  I do not really have any idea personally for a video just yet. I think a commercial might be fun and creative? I would definitely want to something comedic though because I love making other people laugh. I think laughter helps loosen up the stress causing tension.

Scavenger Hung 2.0


Nic Borg and Jeff O'Hara set out to create a tool that closes the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school. Teachers and students are able to sign up and create a account for free. is recommended for all teachers in all areas of education. is an amazing site for teachers to help their students advance in all subjects. Teachers put all their classes in groups. Edmodo allows the teacher to post grades, quizzes, homework and classroom assignments. The calendar can help teachers and students now when assignments are due and what events are coming up. The site allows you to reach out and communicate with other teachers.


This is site where u can make a visual timeline and its really great for history classes. Its more than a timeline it is a  linear presentation of facts dates and ideas.


There are so many ways to teach. This site allows you to make videos on any subject matter and inform your student through video. This will be a great help for your do-it-yourself students.

Kid Vids
The site was created by Mike Keating. He is a professional videographer and instructor. Kids' Vid  offers teachers and students assistance in enhancing learning through the power of digital media.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student
 The Networked Student, by Wendy Drexler, is a video about a student and his Personal Learning Network (PLN). In this video, the student uses his own research and the research of others to spread and gain knowledge by utilizing social networking tools such as Twitter, Skype, and Wikis. Building a solid learning foundation is crucial and depends on many ideas. The networking student still needs advice and guidance through grey areas and around misleading content sites. Separating propaganda from useful information is an important skill to hone. Like the teacher of the 20th century the modern teacher is still needed as a grammar coach. Proper communication skills are a must when one is plugged in and networking around the world. Self taught courses as well as those that do not depend on a traditional classroom lecture format are becoming more predominant and ask a lot of the student. Time management is also a skill to be focused on. As always the teacher is the student's personal cheerleader at the end of the day. There are always large victories to be celebrated and small hurdles that need to be acknowledged.

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment 

What an amazing production this 7th grader has put together. Her speech alone is most impressive, but add what she has learned through her PLN and I am just speechless. She also made it seem like such an easy process. I really like the idea of organizing links any way you want and I think PLN are a great tool to use! This video was entertaining, helpful, and fun to watch!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blog Post #6

Achieving your Childhood Dreams By: Randy Pausch 

randy pauschThis was a very helpful video. Mr. Pausch  presents some interesting information on how to work with students and push them academically in the classroom. Teachers should always be their students number one fan and push them to achieve their goals. Students should be reminded daily that they can achieve anything that they set their mind and brain to. Mr. Pausch says "students can be having fun while learning something hard."

He says that there will always be brick walls that will get in your way and try to stir you off from accomplishing your dreams. Although, these  brick walls are not necessarily bad. Brick walls allow us to prove how bad we want things. Indeed, brick walls let us show our dedication. Mr. Pausch had a goal of being in the NFL when he grew up. However, he did not achieve that goal. He did start playing when he was nine.

Teachers, parents and friends should be the best support system for an individual.  The support system should keep motivating the individual. Teachers need to focus on others and find the best in everyone. Motivating students is one of the greatest impacts a teacher can have on a student.

People should not complain when trying to accomplish goals, because in the end there will be happiness and success. Two quotes that Mr. Pausch stated in the video that stuck out to me are, "Inspiration and the permission to dream is huge" & "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you want." Dreams are meant fo rnayone with a heartbeat. The ability to see yourself doing things anyone could ever imagine is something that no one can take from you and with inspiration and hard work anything is possible. If experience is what get when u don’t get what u want. I don’t want any experience cause I want to achieve everything I want.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Post #5

Stop Teaching Your Kids   

Scott McLeod has a Ph.D and is the Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He also is the Founding Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. And co-creator of the  popular video series,  Did You Know? McLeod is recognized as one of the nation’s leading academic experts on K-12 school.

I think Dr. McLeod's  post is interesting and I agree will him on some parts. I believe that technology can sometimes be dangerous. Technology has it's pro's and con's buts that like everything else in life. All jobs now days require the use of technology. We do not need to shelter the children, but we do need to protect them. This would actually wind up hurting your children in the longrun because of how connected the world and it's people are to computers. We need to teach our children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors on a computer. Computers are notoriously dangerous because of sexual predators and various types of perverts. Technology is not all bad.


The iSchool Initiative, created by Travis Allen as a high school senior. He was 17 when he first launched this video on Youtube. His idea could revolutionize the public school system as we know it. In this video, Travis is basically saying that schools would save more money if they stopped using old methods of teaching. He is stating that it could cut cost as much as $600.00 per students down to $150.00 per students. Students would have access to resources on there iSchool that give them virtual school books as well as helpful tools such as U.S. Constitution, World Wiki, and Star Walk.
    I was very impressed by this idea of the iSchool it could greatly benefit the educational world. There would be limitless opportunities to better reach out educationally and as a community. By using the iSchool they would cut down on cost of textbooks. In using the iSchool students with physical limitations would be able to interact more in a normal classroom. . They would not be the student with the special learning equipment instead they can customize their iSchool to better help them. It is a shame that the education system is the last to fully catch with the technology upgrades throughout America. Everything that is discussed in the classroom or in the textbooks can be found on the internet. With this technology the education system would be fully take advantage of all the usage of the internet.

Virtual Choir

I was thoroughly amazed with the ability to take 185 singers that had never met and put together a flawless performance that professionals should bow to. With the use of internet and technology  anything is possible to accomplish, the internet and technology gives us limitless opportunities.

21st Century Teaching
Kevin Roberts has a different view on teaching. He basically thinks that teachers should be guidance for children.  They should let the students figure things out on their own. "Teachers are not the main source of  knowledge, we are the filter." Why do we even need teachers?  Without teachers, students would not have the knowledge to go search for knowledge.  You can find out anything you want to know just by googling it. Technology is expanding everyday and there are many apps that can be used to learn  school materials online. . No one is born into this world with the knowledge of how to read, write, or use oral language. These skills are necessary prior to being able to use technology which means we still need to teach students by communicating in person.

Reading Rockets

The website Reading Rocket is very helpful. There are tools for teachers, parents, and principals. This website gives you tools to make better learners. I viewed the grocery store activity sheets and was amazed. Even for those that I do not have kids you can say you have seen how hard it is to keep a child occupied while grocery shopping but if you give them something to do that is fun as well as educational grocery shopping is no longer a chore. I spent over a vast amount of time on the website and still had not looked at all of the information and tools that were being almost spoon fed to you. Teachers can  provide retrieval practice for students. Games allow children to understand topics in a fun way.  By giving teacher-prepared handouts prior to class lectures, the students are able to learn the subject beforehand. We need to teach students to be active readers. Breaking down the subject in steps can help students to grasp the concept better.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Post #4

kids using ipods

Joe Dale shares information on how podcasting in the classroom can be beneficial to the students.

All the reasons for pod casting were very true and show how it makes sense for us to have them in classes.
The video starts out by stating the fact that we will be teaching a generation that has never known a life without personal computers and other technologies. The parents can see and hear what their child is learning/doing at school.  Then when a child is sick and go to school if the teacher uploads the lessons through podcast then the student will not be behind when they return. It would also be an creative way to present information instead of typing a paper. I've heard of podcasting before, but I never really knew what it was or what you could gain from it. I only wish that I had that kind of resource during my time of being in school.

In Podcast With Frist Grade, her students read a textbook in the class. First, they read a chapter  once and then they discuss what happened on the chapter as they are reading. They record the process in which they questions about it for them and they answers it. She says that they were thrilled to record and later hear their piece of work. For this particular podcast the children wrote a pretend interview with characters in a book that they liked. The students came up with the questions and the characters' answers as well. Her teaching methods make her students get skills of literacy and technology. Basically, her students get skills of reading, speaking, listening, comprehension, performance, but also use media and technology tools well through her teaching. 

The post Podcast Collection defines what a podcast is and its main uses. Itprovides a wealth of information and how-to's on her blog regarding podcasting.  There was also an awesome video on how to create a podcast. ideas for podcast projects, and suggestions for researching your topics. These are wonderful ideas about the integration of podcasts into classes. This information as a collection, will be effective in providing me great ideas in creating my Podcast. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Post #3

Technology in Special Ed Classrooms

Ms. Cook used advanced technology in her special education classroom. The students stated themselves that computers helped them to complete their work. Some of these students were unable to communicate with the teacher verbally, using computers helped them communicate. These kids are so excited and eager to learn with technology. Being a special education teacher is challenge, working with children who need extensive attention teaching them to read and write. With the use of laptops, Ms. Cook has empowered her children to learn and advance at a faster rate than before.

After watching this video, I realized how technology can be beneficial to everyone. Who knew that technology made that big of a difference to certain people. With the right resources, technologies, and attitude, these children can be taught and will achieve. Permitting children to play educational computer games allows them to get familiar with their new technology and learn.

pictionary picture
Education Apps

I thought it would be hard to find an app for Special Education students. I found plenty. I did not know Apple has some many apps that teachers or parents can use to help their students. I chose the app SmartKids Picture Dictionary.  This app is used for younger kids learning the English language. With teaching elementary school special needs students will be falling behind the other students.

This really Opened my eyes to how big social networking sites have become. Websites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are no long things to do to pass time. It has become a part of everyday life like breathing and eating. According to the counter over 2,000 items are shared on Facebook every second. Google even recognizes Facebook as a proper now. I typed Facebook lower case and my computer edited it and capitalized it. The social networking sites have become bigger and anyone has could ever imagine. My 75 year old grandfather has a Facebook account. That's how big it has gotten. 

This video by Michael Wesch is enlightening to both teachers and students. I realized that we are not involved with our education in the classroom. Students are doing the minimum. We are not being pushed or motivated to perform the maximum work in classrooms. As teachers, not only are we grabbing the students attention, but we are getting them prepared for the technology they will have to use in there careers.

As the future educators of America we need to get out of this trend of putting information on a board and saying learn it. I was told once how you can expect something to grow and not change. So if we want school and education to grow we need to change out tactics to adapt with the times so we can have better more educated children and also keep up with the rest of the world. 


The teacher I had to comment on was Jenny. Her recent blog post where her thoughts, ideas and experiences dealing with google plus. From what I can tell she getting accustom to the social networks and its technology and everything that It can do. 

In the first post I commented she talked bout how google plus could be useful in the classroom. She mention how she was amazed that a bunch of people where video chatting using google plus talking bout there recent assignment. She said it reminder her of a time when she was in college and people would have to spend gas money and have the time to actually get together and do there work. Now they don’t even have to be in the same building to get together with there class mates. 

The then second post I commented was a post about her first experience with google plus. She wanted a way to get in contact with her family members and  some of her friends informed her about google plus. She decides to give it a shot, Now she loves it. She really like that you can divide the circles and you can post stuff to certain groups. 

Presentation Project #5

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Post #2

picture of question marks

Did you know

In the Strange version of  "Did You Know?", I realized that the numbers and facts were compared to the students in previous EDM310 classes and high school students, such as cell phones and computers. I found the information about the other countries and how their education compares to the United States. The value of an education has grown and diminished at the same time. The growing economics in America basically demands that employees must have at least bachelors to make a decent living, only a few put an effort to achieve a college education. The successes having a college degree gets traded for joining the work force.

Mr. Winkle

This video is a great example of how the world changes suddenly. Mr. Winkle wakes after a hundred years and finds that technology has taken over.  He finds that people can now talk to and see one another over the computer. He visits the hospital to see a machine that takes x-rays. The point is the world in constantly changing and not many things will stay the same. Mr. Winkle would soon discover, some things do not always change. Education is one aspect of the world that still have many similarities as one hundred years ago. Most classrooms today still rely on the teacher-student learning setting. These classrooms require long lectures with notes being taken on paper and boredom from listening to a teacher talk on an on. I do not think any classrooms will continue to teach this way for long. I feel that the way education is being taught in classrooms have come up a little in technology but it is not yet on the same page as the world outside of the classrooms.

The Importance of Creativity

This presentation was very interesting it stated about the killing of creativeness of our children in schools. There is so much a child can offer if given the chance. Mr. Robinson also stated that kids need to focus more on important subjects such as Math, English, and Science. This may be true for some students however; some students are not gifted in those subjects.  Art should not be at the bottom, some kids are very creative in Art. The required subjects such as Math, and etc. are great to have however; some students will not be using the skills of Math in their profession. Kids are unique individuals with his/her own creativeness, let them explore their creativeness. Mr. Robinson also stated that we grow out of creativity rather than into it, which I think is not true because some kids are late bloomers when it comes to creativity.

A vision for 21st century learning

The style of education is prehistoric compared to the world around it. The American education system has made strides as but it has not been cultivated. People always say children are the future but no one acts like it. It is important that during the elementary years of education that the educators of America engage the children to show them that learning can be fun and interactive and entertaining. I never had a problem through elementary school I always made the honor roll. School was still very boring to me. I approached it like a job. I went a got my grades and moved on i never really felt engaged or interacted with to make the information come alive to me. So as a future educator I will present my information to my students so they can feel involved in school and not feel like they are punching a time clock.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

Ms. Vicki Davis has a wonderful idea for her classroom. Ms. Davis class is in Camilla, Georgia with no technology in this town. However; She had an idea of bringing technology to the classroom by introducing the kids can communicate with kids in other countries. The kids really liked this new idea, they were eager to learn about this new technology. Some of the technology which was introduce to the class was cell phones and the webcam.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project #2


Hello my name is Jonathan Freeman and I am a student a the University of South Alabama. I am from Picayune, Ms.  I am a physical Education Major, with and interest in becoming in becoming a football coach. I am interested in education because I want to involved in the tutelage of the future of America whether it be kindergarten or high school seniors. I want to build character and discipline through sports and athletics. I found my way to South Alabama from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. While at MGCCC I used my to work with the football team as a student coach where we amassed a 20-4 record with a state championship and two Mississippi Bowl wins.

I have a passion in living life. We only get one chance at it and I want to make sure I do things the best way I know how. I love making people laugh and putting a smile on people’s face. I was always want to be the one people love to see coming cause they love my attitude and the smile I put on there face. I have a infatuation with music. I am always listening to it or rap or trying to sing, I am not the best at that but I love doing it. I like do dance and enjoy myself. I am a just a college student that knows what he wants to do in life and trying to change as many lives as possible.

The video on time management was very informative. He made a lot of good point about equating time with money and the questions you should ask when you have something to do. He actually mentioned something that I do in my life today. When I have many things to do, I will write it out in the order I will do them in and I put the longest task first. So its was interesting to hear his aspect on time management and I felt good to hear that I already employ some of the time management tactics.